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Catalogue of procedures

Simplifying administration requires transparent information that is accessible to all. Citizens and enterprises want to be able to easily find information about the formalities they have to complete in the Brussels-Capital Region. The catalogue of procedures-project offers Brussels public service users centralised information and a summary of administrative procedures.

Users at the heart of the regional reflection

There are many administrative procedures in the Brussels Region that emanate from various administrations and public bodies. For public service users, it is not always easy to identify the service to contact about a specific subject. Citizens and enterprises may experience difficulties in their efforts to contact the competent service or even in identifying the conditions for completing a procedure.

In order to facilitate these searches, which often mean a great deal of wasted time for citizens and enterprises, Easybrussels has undertaken to simplify procedures and to improve access to them by centralising them on one sole online platform. Users can as such access the competent service without having to identify it.


Centralisation for greater transparency

The “catalogue of procedures”, which has been in project phase since 2016, is being implemented in close collaboration with each of the Brussels administrations that supply its content. Not only does it aim to assemble all administrative procedures on one sole portal and make them comprehensible, it also aims to bring together all administrative forms.

By offering information quickly and clearly via an easily accessible website such as the regional portal be.brussels (currently being revised) and connecting it to the different existing administrations and platforms, such as IRISbox, the catalogue of procedures reduces institutional complexity. Furthermore, it contributes to greater transparency for Brussels organisations which also helps to improve confidence between users and public services.

Structure and clear language

The catalogue also serves to offer administrations the opportunity to share their mission to effectively inform the public concerned. For certain procedures or files, administrations’ responsibilities and competences may indeed be shared.

The amount of procedures, the related documents and the connections between institutions require a system that is structured in a clear, effective and precise manner. By using a classification system based on themes that are easily understood by all users, the structure of the administrative procedures targets accessibility. It provides as such genuine support to citizens and enterprises in their administrative procedures in the Brussels-Capital Region.

To this structure is added the useful feature of short descriptions of administrative procedures. By adopting a simple language and avoiding administrative jargon, the portal allows each individual to enter content, be better informed and save time.

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