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Annual report 2019, towards new digital challenges!

Published on 04.11.2020

Facilitating administrative procedures for citizens and businesses is one of the challenges that easy.brussels takes up day after day. Discover our 9 flagship projects in terms of administrative simplification below.

1 The Once Only principle

Thanks to the Once Only Ordinance, the people of Brussels no longer have to transmit their information to the authorities only once as part of their procedures. A step forward to simplify contacts between the administration and citizens.

2 Better Regulation

Better regulation reduces administrative burdens for businesses, citizens and public administrations. The projects carried out by easy.brussels help to improve the administrative procedures of the Brussels public services.

3 Open Data

easy.brussels, in collaboration with the BRIC and the DTO, wishes to promote access to public data to as many people as possible. In 2019, there was an increase in consultations of the datastore.brussels portal.

4 virtual counters

Virtual counters, digital letterboxes, are at the heart of administrative simplification. Both the eBox, at federal and regional level, and IRISbox, at the Brussels level, had a record year!

5 Digital inclusion

All citizens without exception must be able to access government services online. To fight the digital divide, easy.brussels continues to strengthen its action in the Brussels Region.

6 Electronic invoicing

Making electronic invoicing compulsory in the context of public contracts is easy.brussels’s proposal for 2020. This will provide better, faster and more environmentally friendly processing of documents.

7 The catalog of procedures

The catalog of procedures is part of the region’s overall digital strategy. Soon, citizens will have online access to information, administrative procedures and services in the Brussels Region via a single digital portal.

8 Online public procurement

Receipt of electronic offers via the e-Procurement platform will be an obligation in 2020 for all Brussels administrations. In this context, easy.brussels has set up support actions at regional and local level.

9 Local authorities

Local authorities – municipalities, CPAS, police zones, etc. – fulfill many missions with citizens. Bruxelles Pouvoirs locales and Brulocalis work together with easy.brussels to simplify their administrative procedures.


Consult the annual report, in an online version or in pdf format below (in French).