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At the end of 2022, the Brussels public administra...

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annual and multi-annual

Discover the annual actions of the agency and the Brussels public administrations through the easy.brussels annual report.

All the annual actions are guided by the multi-annual objectives set out in the Easy Way, the Brussels-Capital Region’s Administrative Simplification Plan 2020-2025.


Long-term actions


Review of regulations

One of easy.brussels’ simplification tasks is to review the regulations in force. These evolve over time, and may as such have been made more complex. Understanding of regulations on the part of users, as well as ease of use, are the agency’s primary concerns. In order to simplify administration effectively, it is not only necessary to introduce specific simplification measures, but also to review the legislative context to streamline existing procedures and reduce inconvenience for users.


Current events and innovations


Ordinance van 16 May 2019

Within the framework of the joint Decree and Ordinance of the Brussels-Capital Region, the Joint Community Commission and the French Community Commission on the publicity of the administration in Brussels institutions of 16 May 2019, easy.brussels is required to make available, on this homepage, a “Transparency” section.

As easy.brussels is part of the Regional Public Service van Brussels (RPSB), the information referred to in this joint Decree and Ordinance relating to easy.brussels is collected in the “Transparency” section of the RPSB’s website.

This section is accessible via the link below: