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The eBox is a digital inbox that is the focal point for all official communications intended for citizens. This project is a key step in simplifying communication between Brussels administrations and their users. One of Easybrussels’ priorities for 2019 is to implement it in as many Brussels administrations as possible. Several positive developments were made in this respect in 2018:

  • eBox was made available to other levels of governance: all public authorities in Belgium (regional administrations, municipalities, the Public Centre for Social Welfare (abbreviated CPAS in French), etc.) can send electronic communications to their users via the eBox.
  • The centralisation of federal communications: citizens will be able to consult communications from several federal administrations (Federal Public Service Finance, Federal Pensions Service, etc.) using their eBox.
  • The formation of partnerships with innovative players: citizens will be able to consult their eBox using the interface of their choice (PC, smartphone or tablet).

In June 2018, Easybrussels, in collaboration with the Federal Public Service Policy and Support (the technical project manager), organised eBox presentation meetings for Easybrussels steering committee members and representatives of the 19 municipalities that chair in the Administrative Simplification Working Group (abbreviated GTSA in French) coordinated by Brulocalis. Following the strong interest generated by this project, Easybrussels assisted several pilot administrations that were considering using the eBox. Work to raise awareness was also carried out among public (BRIC) and private partners on the importance of adapting their technical solutions so that citizens in Brussels can benefit from the advantages of the eBox as quickly as possible.

From the legislative standpoint, a bill giving eBox communications the same value as registered mail should come into force in early 2019.


* 29.2% increase in applications without taking into account major Bruxelles Fiscalité projects (the BE Home bonus in 2017 and LEZ in 2018)

Successful forms:

BF Registration LEZ, BF Tax on tourist establishments, French Community Commission Personal Information NGOs, Ixelles parking cards, Uccle birth certificates.

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