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The annual report 2021 of easy.brussels is now available

Published on 26.10.2022

This annual report highlights all the initiatives carried out by easy.brussels (collaborations, new projects, development of tools, improved processes, etc.), but also by institutions from the Brussels-Capital Region and their partners, since the publication of the Easy Way 2020–2025 plan.

Of the challenges tackled during the year, many initiatives led to a significant advancement in terms of the digitisation of services, as was the case with the deployment of Fidus Online, which recorded over 26 million transactions, or the principle of one-time-only data usage (Once Only), which simplifies procedures and encourages greater synergy between departments.

In this 2021 report, you will also discover how the crisis has impacted the institutional agenda, with the prioritisation of new projects to respond to the situation on the ground, as was the case with the Local Registration Authority application and the distribution of some 100,000 digital keys to citizens who did not have the required forms of identification to obtain their Covid Safe Ticket.

Finally, you will find a summary of the various initiatives that have contributed to better governance, the implementation of a reliable methodology for simplification and raising awareness of the digital divide among agents.