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Public procurement online

Making public procurement available online offers a number of advantages, both for SMEs and for Brussels administrations. They moreover simplify the administration. That’s why Easybrussels is raising awareness and training companies and administrations with regards to online public procurement.

Why publish public procurement online?

Public procurement accounts for nearly 15% of GDP in Belgium. Public buyers such as regional administrations publish their public procurement contracts nowadays more often online as there are many benefits: they increase transparency between public services, businesses and citizens, broaden accessibility for companies, including many SMEs, and reduce administrative burdens.

That is why Easybrussels raises companies’ awareness of the economic opportunities offered by these markets. The agency encourages Brussels administrations to adopt more electronic means for public procurement, but also to train themselves in the e-Procurement tool and share knowledge within their teams. Easybrussels also adopts this method for electronic invoicing.

What is e-Procurement?

e-Procurement is the federal platform for the online publication and management of public procurement contracts. It is managed and developed by the Federal Public Service Strategy and Support.

The use of this tool is free for businesses and public buyers. It consists of two main modules:

e-Notification to publish and consult public procurement contracts online.
e-Tendering to submit and open electronic tenders and requests for participation.

What do you need to do?

Are you a company and would you like to be informed about the public procurement contracts that you could apply for? Or are you an administration and would you like to launch your next public procurement contracts online? Where to start?

To access the various modules as a company or public buyer, register on My Public Procurement, with your electronic identity card (eID) and an eID card reader.

In order to accompany you in your use of the platform, several manuals are available. You can find them in “Documents”. Training courses are also offered to companies in the Brussels-Capital Region. Contact us to find out about the timetable for e-Procurement training and sign up.

Need help?

Have you been through the manuals and/or training courses, but still have questions?

The e-Procurement helpdesk is at your service on business days from 8.30am to 12.00pm and from 1:15pm to 4:30pm. Please bear in mind that the helpdesk does not provide legal or technical support.

How to contact the helpdesk?