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Go for electronic invoicing

Published on 05.10.2018

Easybrussels has sent a note to the Brussels regional and local public authorities on the subject of electronic invoicing. The note means to provide them with the information they need to deploy electronic invoicing within the regulatory deadlines.

Electronic invoicing allows for savings, shorter payment times and reductions in paper consumption, thereby providing environmental benefits. It also directly contributes to administrative simplification.

Sending an electronic invoice instead of a paper invoice represents an economy of 3.24 euros for the sender and 5.77 euros for the recipient. For society as a whole, the benefits will be considerable, given the fact that one billion invoices are issued in Belgium each year. So far, more than 12,000 suppliers have already adopted e-invoicing, and their number is still growing.

The note issued by Easybrussels summarises the benefits of e-invoicing and the deadlines for deploying it, both for businesses and public administrations. The document also encourages public authorities to adopt e-invoicing, ahead of the regulatory deadlines.

This is because a draft law, in line with a European directive, requires regional and local public authorities to be able to receive electronic invoices as of April 1st 2019.

See the note issued by Easybrussels (in French) for further details.