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E-invoicing takes off in the Brussels Capital Region!

Published on 26.08.2021

Electronic invoicing consists of the complete automation of the invoicing process, from the issuance of the invoice by the supplier to its archiving by the customer. A pdf invoice sent by e-mail is therefore not an electronic invoice.

As from 1 November 2020 invoices for all new contracts of the Brussels regional administrations and organisations must be submitted in a digital format.

Since that date the number of digital invoices received by the Brussels public organizations has increased tenfold! In a span of less than one year the percentage of digital invoicing in the Brussels Capital Region went up from 1.06 to 10.08% (digital invoices received by public administrations and organisations).

Source: BOSA (Federal Public Service Policy and Support) and the Brussels administrations. Estimates by easy.brussels

The highest achievers

Some administrations stand out on account of their percentage of digital invoices received. Every quarter we will present them. Here are the winning candidates* for the second quarter of 2021 (1 April to 30 June 2021):

  • the first place goes to the STIB, with 16% digital invoices received;
  • followed by Bruxelles Propreté, with 14% digital invoices received;
  • and the third place on the winners’ podium is for Bruxelles Environnement, with 10% digital invoices received;


* This ranking only takes into account administrations that have received over 1000 invoices in a quarter.

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