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The 2018 annual report is available

Published on 20.05.2019

On May 21st 2019, Easybrussels is publishing its annual report on administrative simplification in the Brussels-Capital Region.

This report summarizes the work done since the start of the Plan for administrative simplification 2015-2020, and highlights the progress made in 2018. The year was especially rich in simplicity!

Read the report here.

Here are a few of the actions that were accomplished in 2018, which you’ll find more about in the report:

  • The Brussels-Capital Region aligned itself with the European directive which makes it mandatory to accept electronic invoicing in the context of public tenders. More ease, less paper!
  • The basis for the implementation of the Once Only principle were established. Communication between administrations will be improved so that citizens and enterprises only have to provide their data to the authorities once.
  • Open Data was promoted among administrations, in collaboration with the new Digital Transformation Office, with the goal of improving the sharing of data. Citizens and enterprises will be able to know more about their Region.
  • The dematerialization of procedures is ongoing, notably through the eBox, a digital inbox for the citizen which centralizes all official communications. In parallel, digital inclusion efforts ensure, of course, that this progress leaves no one behind.
  • Work continued on the creation of a portal collecting all the administrative procedures, with the goal of having it online in 2019.
  • A number of administrations worked on concrete actions to simplify their procedures.
  • A monitoring was put in place to evaluate the advances of the administrative simplification process. The population of Brussels was also polled about its feelings on the topic.

The work, of course, doesn’t stop here: the report concludes with a list of recommendations for the future Plan of administrative simplification 2020-2025.