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One of Easybrussels’ main tasks in performing its assignment is the promotion of simplification projects with the concerned administrations and institutions. With this objective, the agency continued throughout 2018 to support the members of the steering committee in their role as simplification ambassadors to their respective administrations. Easybrussels organised a series of events aimed at fostering the spirit of collaboration and enthusiasm for the projects under way.

Easy Lab

The first Easy Lab session, held in May, aimed to elicit ideas from members of the steering committee about the Brussels public service of the future, aimed in particular at providing a basis for the administrative simplification plan 2020-2025. The second Easy Lab session introduced the results of a citizens survey in order to continue the reflections that had been started.

The second Easybrussels campaign on administrative simplification rules of thumb has enabled BRPS officials to understand the useful habits to adopt for administrative simplification to make life easier for users in Brussels.

Campaigns and events

Easybrussels also launched its second campaign about reactions to administrative simplification: 10 practical tips enabling BRPS agents to take ownership of the approach and make life easier for Brussels users.

Whereas the first campaign, in December 2017, had used classic communication channels, this one brought the agents together around a playful and sporting action: the Frisbee Challenge. An opportunity for relaxed, spontaneous exchanges, as with the Easy Lunch, a lunch-time information session organised by Easybrussels in September 2018 with a view to raising awareness about administrative simplification among regional agents. Lastly, the regional agents were invited to a seminar on the Once Only process of administrative simplification.

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