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The aim of the catalogue of procedures is to provide support for citizens and enterprises in Brussels with administrative procedures. By making all administrative procedures available on one sole portal, it redirects citizens and enterprises to the Brussels administrations and enables them to easily and quickly find information needed.

In 2017, Easybrussels pinpointed a major problem within the Brussels Region landscape. Apart from a few already existing portals, such as be.brussels, most public bodies have their own websites with their own identity and structure. This inconsistency in terms of information sources makes unification and administrative simplification impossible.

As a result, Easybrussels decided to work with the political authorities to implement a draft catalogue of procedures and coherent digital strategy, after which a new platform on administrative formalities will be integrated into the completely revamped be.brussels website for the occasion.

sheets outlining administrative procedures were drawn up

The goal is to launch the catalogue of procedures in 2019, as soon as be.brussels has been completely revamped.

This work is drawing to an end. The information present on be.brussels was sorted together with the administrations concerned. It was corrected and revised to promote clarity and administrative simplicity, and included in the catalogue of procedures. In parallel, Easybrussels worked with regional administrations whose content was not yet available online, even though it was essential for citizens. This content is currently being added.

On the technical side, early 2018 was characterised by a series of tests and validations of the back office of the catalogue of procedures. It has been fully operational and available to public bodies since May 2018. Meanwhile, 124 sheets outlining administrative procedures were drawn up. Easybrussels is putting the finishing touches, together with its web partner, to the front office of the catalogue. The goal is to launch this new site in 2019, as soon as be.brussels has been completed revamped. All that remains is to convince public bodies in the Brussels Region to get actively involved.

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