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In collaboration with the Brussels Regional Informatics Centre (BRIC), Easybrussels is continuing to promote the Open Data project, the aim of which is to make open data available to the public. The agency is committed to helping various public bodies to select the data sets to be distributed.

After completing the detailed inventory of data sets from the first pilot municipality, Evere, Easybrussels and the BRIC started their collaboration with two other pilot municipalities, Auderghem and Saint-Gilles. To that end, about fifteen data sets have been selected, to be made available to all municipalities in the Brussels Region. The three pilot municipalities have started publishing these data sets via the Open Data regional platform (insert the opendatastore.brussels website). The next step is to convince other municipalities to join the effort to disseminate data among the general public.

Last year, a major clean-up of this platform was undertaken. It was an opportunity to sort existing data sets, accesses and profiles. It helped to open dialogue with administrations that had never used the platform before or published their data. 

Thanks to this initiative, 167 data sets from Open Data have been made available to the general public.

Easybrussels played an active role in drafting the Brussels-Capital Region Government Decree of 1 February 2018, which redefined existing licences to authorise the reuse and dissemination of public documents. The Digital Transformation Office (DTO) –the new department responsible for the digital shift within the Brussels Regional Public Service (BRPS)– is in charge of notices on licences. It joined forces with Easybrussels and the BRIC to work on the Open Data project. Easybrussels shall remain responsible for promoting it among public bodies and supporting them, whereas the BRIC is in charge of the technical side of things.

Over the past year, Easybrussels was proud to organise, in collaboration with the BRIC, a regular event called “Open Data User Club” which is an opportunity for suppliers and users of open data to meet. Next year will be marked by Easybrussels’ commitment to promoting the dissemination of Open Data among public authorities. The general public must be able to access Open Data and the data already available must be promoted.

Digital Transformation Office

In early 2017, a proposal to meet the challenges of digitalisation was drawn up together with the Strategy Unit and IT-Coordination Department of the BRPS. Adopted at the end of 2017 by the Council of Ministers, the proposal includes the following measures:

  • drawing on users’ needs
  • designing on the basis of data
  • re-evaluating and simplifying existing processes
  • developing digital services rather than websites

Following the adoption of the proposal, the BRPS set up a Digital Transformation Office (DTO) in autumn 2018. Its mission is to assist administrations with the digitization process.

This interdisciplinary support department, created in September 2018, will focus on various areas, such as process efficiency, information security, data processing, Open Data and innovation in technology and methods of working. To achieve this, the DTO conducts pilot projects within the public service. They include the IT project on the rent allowance, which is a good example of what this new department can offer and the result of close and structured collaboration between business and IT.

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